Is Maca the Ultimate Solution to Hormonal Acne?

How often do you wake up in the morning, embarrassed of your acne? How many nights do you spend awake in curiosity, desperately finding a permanent solution for the spots on your face? 

It is a common belief that maca roots are valuable solutions for the hormonal acne growing on your face. However, to prove whether it’s a myth or not, we will analyze it in depth. 

Let’s Talk Hormones and Acne

It is imperative to know the medical conditions you are suffering from before looking into solutions for them. Acne is a skin condition challenging with literally thousands of potential treatment options, but very few work to eliminate acne in most people.. Most acne occurs due to bacterial attacksexcess sebum, or skin inflammation

All it takes is a simple mishandling of your skin, which erupts with cysts and wounds. Poor hygiene, unclean sheets, contaminated environment are all common factors affecting the health of your skin. 

However, these aspects are mainly external and can be in your control. Unfortunately, hormonal acne is NOT. 

As the name suggests, hormonal acne occurs due to the fluctuation and imbalance in hormones. Women suffer from a rise in progesterone levels above the normal range during the menstrual cycle. 

While the hormone isn’t the villain here, the imbalance results in excess production of an oily substance in the cuticle called sebum

It is given that the overflow of the liquid is not ideal and causes blockage of the pores in your skin. These clogged outlets now encourage bacteria to settle down on your skin, breeding and spreading contamination hence why your skin suffers from the condition. 

Everything You Need to Know About Maca Root

Maca has been a hype of skincare freaks, and it is also said to be the best solution to hormonal acne. But what exactly is maca? 

Many users reading might know the substance. However, to become an expert, we advise you to read the next few paragraphs. The benefits are long-lasting!

What Is Maca?

Found in the high Andes mountains of Peru, this edible plant is known for its countless beneficial characteristics. It boosts your energy, increases physical endurance, and improves fertility rates in both men and women. 

Maca’s roots have earned a well-reputed name in the skincare industry due to its numerous perks. In addition, the plant is packed with highly nutritious antioxidants and consists of:

  • 19 different amino acids,
  • minerals (iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, and several glucosinolates),
  • Fiber,
  • Protein,
  • Free fatty acids, and
  • macaenes and macamides

These essential ingredients allow the root to provide help for various problems. Maca is often used to enhance focus, stamina, and strength. Furthermore, it can aid in several other instances, for example: 

  1. Sustain normal thyroid function
  2. Maintain hormone balance
  3. Energy boosts
  4. Improving sexual desire and function
  5. Depleting acute mental disturbances in women
  6. Aiding healthy bone function
  7. Relief during the transition into menopause

The second point should be your main focus when researching skin treatments, as maca’s hormone function is essential. Its high content of amino acids allows it to deal with imbalanced hormones and respond accordingly. 

Why Should You Opt for a Maca?

Experts recommend using maca due to the high reliability of the edible. The plant currently has no known side effects, which means you can use it for your skin without any concerns or second-guessing. 

The maintenance of hormonal balance is essentially the key to healthy skin. Due to the stimulation of the endocrine system, your body takes the necessary steps to clear out any unrequired and harmful substances. 

Maca roots play the most critical part in the process. It encourages and starts the process that leads to a bright future for you!

If you want to “grease” all your hormonal glands simultaneously, Maca Roots are the way. The glands function efficiently and to the utmost potential. 

Maca fights hormonal acne on any skin type (i.e., oily, dry, combination) without discrimination. It is a trusted method because results back up any claims made towards this successful treatment. 

Make Maca a Routine

Ordinary remedies require effort to be ingested for synthetic and harmful changes. However, maca is a product that has made consumption extremely easy. You can take the roots in a tablet, powder, or liquid extract. 

The powdered substance can enhance any drink or meal without affecting the taste, so many opt for crushed maca roots. It’s simple, effective, and indeed a long-term solution. 

Maca can be pretty difficult to digest in its original form. This is why you should purchase processed versions of the plant to transition into the routine effortlessly. There are gelatinized models present of the product that can easily become your favorite!

Beginners can start the diet by taking a weekly dose of Maca root while slowly increasing the amount over time. You might not want to start with heaps of the powder, as while aiming high is quite courageous, it can easily backfire. 

Within a few days of initial Maca usage, many people will feel improvements in their mood and energy levels.

Unlike traditional skin treatments, maca might not show immediate changes and enhancement on your exterior. However, maca is a long-term and effective remedy, ensuring a more reliable and appreciated result. Of course, you will have to be patient for the desired results!

Do not let impatience tempt you into falling into bad habits of synthetic treatment products. They may allow you to shine for a few glory days, but the side effects will not be worth it. 

How Do You Identify Hormonal Acne?

The best answer is its location

Hormonal acne originates mainly on your face. The cysts typically form around your jaw and chin. Acne located in any part of your body is not related to the malfunction of hormones and must be treated differently. 

You can also identify your acne type by noticing the breakout time. If it occurs near the start of your period, there is a good chance you are suffering from hormonal acne. You might want to consider it a secondary method for identification as hormonal levels affect your skin throughout the month. Use it more of a confirmation method. 

It is fair to assume that more than half of the female population suffering from an acne disorder has issues related to hormones. You can deduce common symptoms for hormonal acne from your past experiences:

  1. If Accutane fails to aid the pimples, and they keep returning regularly
  2. Stress amplifies the breakouts
  3. Adult-acne (ages 35 and above)
  4. Hints of hyperandrogenism 
  5. Enhanced Male Traits
  6. Preteen acne

If you come across these instances in your life while trying to cure acne, it is safe to say you might be suffering from hormonal disorders. You should refer to a professional or a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. 

Remember, the first step to a solution is correctly identifying the disease. 

How to Tackle Hormonal Acne?

You can rely on other methods for your treatment if maca root is inaccessible to you. These remedies also aid in balancing your hormones and eliminating acne.

  1. Avoid Foods That Can Cause Inflammation. These include sugar, dairy products, and meat, as they encourage a toxic environment for your skin while inviting bacteria and acne. While going vegan is not a feasible option for all, switching to a plant-based diet is a smart option.
  2. Make Water Your Best Friend! Carry a water bottle everywhere you go and keep it as close to you. Remember to drink as much water as you can as it helps clear the toxins from your body and encourage an efficient function of your body organs. 
  3. Exercise Frequently. A healthy mind and an even healthier body aid the glow on your skin and your face. By excreting the toxins and bacteria through sweat, you allow oxygen to enter your blood with ease. This amplifies the shine on your skin and defends your skin against hormonal acne. 
  4. Eat Foods That Promote Hormone Health. If your acne is hormonal it is likely due to fluctuations in your endocrine system. This can be caused by puberty, your period, pregnancy, or other issues that send your endocrine system into overdrive. Some foods and supplements, like Chasteberry, have been shown to help regulate the endocrine system and mitigate acne breakouts.

Get Moving to The Stores!

Hopefully, we have established that Maca root might be the solution you were in search of all this time. With consistent efforts and a disciplined routine, getting rid of hormonal acne would not be a big deal as long as you have the proper substances by your side.

You can check out the local stores or shop online to buy maca powder. It is time to invest in skin treatment products that make a difference without costing you much. 

If you are struggling with acne and looking for the “magic cure” you should check out our Clear Skin Resource Kit. This kit contains years of research and self-experimentation on how I cured my acne naturally through diet and lifestyle changes. 

Originally Published: January 17, 2022

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