Does Accutane Push Blackheads Out

If you frequently suffer from acne breakouts, then chances are you have at least some blackheads on your skin 24/7. Even with the proper skincare regimen blackheads seem to relentlessly pop up for frequent acne sufferers. Many dermatologists recommend a prescription medication called Accutane, which eliminates acne breakouts by altering your hormone levels and shrinking your skincare glands. Unfortunately, this medication tends to carry a lot of side effects for many of its users.

Over the past few months, we’ve been asked if Accutane makes sense as a preventative treatment for acne by pushing blackheads out of the skin. But how exactly does it work? Does Accutane push blackheads out? Do blackheads come back even after taking it? We will answer all of these questions throughout this blog as well as highlight some of the

Frequent Causes of Blackheads

Before we address Accutane’s effectiveness in “pushing out” blackheads, it’s important to first see the root cause of blackheads. There are a few beauty tricks that have been recommended in order to get rid of this condition. They address the main problem, which is caused by the clogging of hair follicles that comes as a result of excess oil. It’s a huge buildup that is pretty closely related to hormonal acne. That’s because, during any sort of hormonal change, oil production can increase. If you do not exfoliate regularly, it is likely you will develop blackheads on your face, back, and chest. Any excess dead skin cells can also further clog the pores. 

Blackhead Treatments

If you look around on the internet there are websites that claim hundreds of different ways to eliminate blackheads. For most people, the best thing to do is visit a dermatologist so you can understand the best treatment plan to clear your skin personally. Of course, such a trip can be expensive. This is why the GoodGlow team always recommends taking a hard look at your diet and skincare routine before taking any prescription medications.

You could also invest in some retinol and collagen serums to fight those pesky blackheads. Skincare fans have their favorites that they swear by, and it really only goes to show the wide array of products that are available for every skin type. Along with the recommendation of proper exfoliation, Neutrogena has a trusted blackhead scrub that has non-plastic microbeads which provide gentle exfoliation. There are also a few clay masks that are great for keeping your pores clean. Skincare options are a lot to choose from—but what about when it comes to supplements that target blackheads? 

What is Accutane?

Accutane is a known prescription medicine for skin conditions. You might have heavily associated it with severe cases of acne—ones with a lot of scars and bacteria. It isn’t a new type of medication either. More than two million people have tried it out, so its different effects are fairly known. It also means that the medication’s effectiveness is more or less proven. You could think of it as some sort of last resort, especially when you’ve found that your skin condition seems to be too hard-headed to be cured. There could be some underlying reasons for your particular skin condition once you try to understand your skin. Of course, as with any prescribed medication, it is always best to ask your dermatologist for advice when it comes to trying out new skincare medications. 

Accutane Effectiveness For Blackheads 

It’s safe to say that Accutane is a powerful medication that will almost certainly minimize blackheads in most people. Although Accutane (Isotretinoin) should be viewed as a “last resort” in clearing your skin. Accutane accomplishes this by shrinking the oil glands in your skin and altering hormone production levels. It’s also a derivative of Vitamin A. If you are struggling with severe, cystic acne and nothing seems to work then you should discuss using it with your dermatologist. They will have a complete overview of your medical history and will be able to determine if the medication is a good fit for you.

Accutane Side Effects

Accutane has been known to have numerous side effects that range from being a slight nuisance to an outright concern. Having chapped lips is a common one among users of the medication. This only leads to spending a little more on moisturizers and other lip hydrating products. It may not be much of a bother if you’re a regular user of lip balm, but it’s still worth noting. Other common side effects include a dry nose or mild nosebleed, as well as some muscle pains. There are other more serious side effects—although very rare—such as intestinal and urinary symptoms. Additionally, when taking Accutane it is extremely dangerous to drink alcohol or get direct sunlight.

Blackhead Recommendations

Is it safe, then, to use Accutane? While proven effective, the medication brings a number of side effects. As such, with the pros and cons attached to it, it is best to consult a professional when it comes to taking new medications. We do not recommend using Accutane unless you have severe any and have been unable to clear your blackheads naturally. It is still possible that your skin will respond to more common treatments other than a prescribed supplement. Skincare includes that which happens within, and so it follows that eating healthy can do wonders for your skin. It is also recommended to hydrate regularly so as to keep your skin’s overall appearance a lot better. 

Final Thoughts

Blackheads are pesky enough to make anyone want to try out the most effective skincare supplement possible. There is nothing wrong with wanting clear your skin of impurities, although again, taking the advice of a licensed dermatologist is the best course of action. In studying the pros and cons of medicine such as Accutane, you might stumble upon some other common skincare products or foods that would give your skin the boost that it needs. Ultimately, keeping yourself healthy—beyond what’s skin-deep—should always be the goal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Accutane Cause Birth Defects?

The supplement must not be taken if you’re pregnant, as it causes some serious birth defects. Your child’s utmost safety and well-being must be a top priority in this case. 

Does Accutane Cause Depression?

There are not enough studies to say for certain that the medication causes harm to a person’s mental health. Still, it is recommended to closely monitor any possible symptoms while taking the supplement. 

Can Accutane cure the odor from blackheads?

Some blackheads and types of acne can emit an unpleasant odor. While Accutane will not immediately stop the smell, it will reduce the oil production over time and most likely the smell along with it.

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