Is Dermaplaning Good For Acne?

In the modern age, skin conditions are becoming more prominent in people of all ages. It can be due to the environment in which the people grow up. Or the contaminants the air carries with itself. Either way, people now find themselves in a tight condition with their skin.

Acne is a common problem that young and old people face these days. Different issues bring different symptoms and causes. Often it becomes hard to predict the nature of the problem. And even a good treatment does not prove fruitful in most cases.

You can consider acne as one of those issues. Many dermatologists even say that acne can be persistent even after undergoing professional treatment. Anyhow, we need to be relevant to the title we need to focus on. However, before we begin, it is good to outline the key areas we will focus on. The following read will guide you through:

● Acne Causes and Symptoms 

● Dermaplaning

● Scar Reduction through Dermaplaning  

● Blackheads Removal through Dermaplaning 

● The Procedure in General

● When to Postpone

● Side Effects and Potential Risks

1.  Acne Causes and Symptoms

Hence, let us begin with the causes of acne. Acne is a skin deficiency that develops in people of all ages. It is hard to predict the nature of the issue and its ages. However, some general and visible symptoms explain the picture a lot. Such an issue arises around the hair follicles present on your face.

The empty space houses portions of oil and the dead skin cells. Often you will find your hairdresser informing you about the black shades developing on your face. It is because, with practice and treatment, it becomes easy to predict the problem.

However, acne is not visible through one form or from one perspective only. The sufferers tell tales of how different symptoms lie under the same branch. Hence, you will find different ways acne can develop on your face below.

● Small pores that are closed from the front known as whiteheads

● The same pores but covered from the front known as blackheads

● Pimples develop on the skin as soft pores

● Red bumps develop on the face that can be stiff

● Large lumps on the face often become hard and thus result in pain

● Lumps developing under the skins that seem more painful than the ones on the skin

A good question arises regarding when to see a dermatologist. The best timing is hard to predict but only you can consider the right one. Researchers often say that once you try a good amount of home remedies and do not face a positive response, look for a probable cure.

2.  Dermaplaning

Apart from your home remedies, you can also try out a significant and certified acne treatment. And such treatment is known as dermaplaning. The patients find and receive good and decent relief from acne through the following treatment.

However, the results do not last long but we do not have to go there now. First, let us consider what dermaplaning is. Such a treatment involves removing the top layer of your skin. This layer removing step also skims off the dead cells on your skin along with removing your hair too.

Dermaplaning, is also known by the name of blading. The process removes your acne scars deep under your skin alongside removing wrinkles. However, this perfection only comes when you consult a professional.

A skillful operator also minimizes the risks and side effects that might arise. But since the treatment procedure is not time-consuming, thus looking for a professional is the only major task on your hands.

The operators’ tool to skim off your skin is a dermatome. This tool contains an oscillating blade that removes your skin layer by moving back and forth.

Is dermaplaning good for acne? You will find dermatologists claiming that the process is great. But also you will find information regarding how the process can be a short living one. Most treatment operators claim that it lasts for around three weeks at maximum. However, if you plan to visit a dermatologist for dermaplaning, you must consider treatment for the following issues:

● Acne scars

● Skin damage from the sun

● Wrinkles that are mostly fine

● Dull and dry skin issues

3.  Scar Reduction through Dermaplaning

People ask a lot about how dermaplaning can help acne scars. Dermatologists and dermaplaning have the best benefit and cure for acne scar reduction.

Blackheads result from acne deficiency and thus your skin becomes dull. However, the procedure for the treatment has to be such that the skin does not face damage. It is why most guides want you to locate a professional operator for your skin.

In addition, your scar reduction therapy does not always prove fruitful. In essence, there are some cases you need to consider when going for a scar reduction procedure. Many people find that adding in a chemical peel after a dermaplaning session is the best way to maximize your chances of clear skin.

However, at first, let us begin with the benefits of dermaplaning for acne. The dermaplaning procedure removes a layer of your skin i.e. the top one. This layer takes away most of your dead cells on the skin alongside the oils. Once the hair goes away, there is no remaining spot for the oils to get in. Such a procedure does not guarantee you complete removal of symptoms. Often you need to leave or postpone your treatment.

4.  Blackheads Removal through Dermaplaning

Acne is a wider perspective or viewing angle for smaller issues it includes. Of all the issues regarding acne, people have to face blackheads the most. It is because blackheads appear more prominently than whiteheads. And thus, their presence and clogging on the skin appear bad. Hence, you need to look for a probable cure for blackheads and dermaplaning is one of those. Dermaplaning removes blackheads at best. Although acne treatment alone takes care of blackheads, people can get treatment especially for blackheads alone too.

Blackheads develop on the skin through dirty oils clogging on the skin. Importantly, the skin holes’ exposure to oxygen also causes blackheads. Such exposure causes these spots to develop, clog, and thus damage the skin. Through a professional dermaplaning treatment, you can make sure these spots stay away for long.

5.  The Procedure in General

Derma facial treatment is the one to carefully begin, observe, and finish. Patients hand over their skin to you for treatment, and thus the importance is magnified. Most operators provide the patients with some anesthesia that keeps them awake. However, they remain in a relaxing phase. At first, acid cleaning removes makeup and other dirt from the face skin. Next, the treatment operators use iodine on your skin. It is so the acid cleaning on your face goes.

Then, your face becomes neat and ready for the major process. Dermatome with a blade of number 10 begins the work by slowly making contact with the face. An angle of 45 degrees is maintained to operate favorably. The best thing about this treatment is that the patient can instantly walk out of the treatment room after the procedure. However, at best, patients observe redness of the skin within a while of the treatment.

6.  When to Postpone the Treatment

Treatment is always a stepping path towards the refinement of your body. For dermaplaning, there too are certain cases to skip. If you come directly from heavy or intense facial treatment processes, do not go for dermaplaning. It is because the following process removes your skin layer. And if you have undergone a similar tough process, your skin is under more threat than before. Often, high medicines do not require you to go for skin treatment. Thus, make sure you consult your doctor before going for such processes.

7.  Side Effects and Potential Risks

Every treatment, rehab, or general medication procedure carries some risks. When a certain treatment needs to go on your skin, the risks multiply. The initial effects you will develop are your face turning red or some whiteheads developing. A person can witness major issues are scars developing after a few days. For this, your doctor or operator will need to soften them through some injections. Skin pigment development is also known as a side-effect. It develops near the areas where the dermaplaning procedure goes on.

Once you get the treatment, do not panic if you develop the effects. It is because a skin treatment through steroids always results in some issues. But within several days, the issues begin to go away or reduce. Moreover, the skin becomes brighter once you begin to observe after some days. You will see a considerable difference between dermaplaning acne scars before and after the treatment. But the downside is that within three weeks, the results will begin to vanish!

Originally Published: January 08, 2022

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