GoodGlow.co Acquires Acne-Resource.org; Strengthens Its Position In Acne Industry

GoodGlow, already a leading name in the acne industry has now acquired the Acne Resource Center, which was managed under the website Acne-Resource.org, to further bolster its position as the premier name in the business. This acquisition took place on June 14, 2021.

The content from Acne-Resource.org has been archived here on this site.

What did Acne Resource Center (ARC) (Acne-Resource.org) do?

Since 2004, the Acne Resource Center (ARC) was the internet’s #1 guide to getting rid of acne. They covered top-quality information on what acne is, different types of acne, and how to effectively treat it.

What does GoodGlow.co do?

Since 2018, GoodGlow has been the definitive resource for people who want to achieve clear skin naturally. We cover various guides on obtaining clear skin, such as using diets and lifestyle changes.

GoodGlow was founded by Sam Wood, who has personally dealt with acne since he was a teenager. He tried all types of procedures to get rid of acne until he realized acne comes from within and changes to your lifestyle and diet would be the only way to keep acne away. This is why he created this website to document his findings. He also wrote a book, Unmasking Acne: The Definitive Guide to Clear Skin, available on Amazon, and other retailers.

GoodGlow has a team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, like Elizabeth Merrill and Meghan Cray. Check out the full team here.

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