11 Things I buy at Trader Joe’s for Glowing Skin on a Budget

My love for Trader Joe’s is honestly strange.  I think anyone who frequents the grocery store would agree that the experience of shopping at Trader Joe’s is hard to beat. The staff is insanely friendly, the prices are really affordable, and the quality is surprisingly great. It’s just quirky enough to make you feel good about … Read more

9 Ways to Save Money on the Carnivore Diet

How to save money on the carnivore diet

If you’re thinking about going on the carnivore diet, I’m sure you’re wondering how much it’ll cost (you can see my full weekly budget here). If you’re already on the carnivore diet, you’ve probably realized that grocery expenses can stack up pretty quickly.  Mine were coming in at around $115/week. As a college student, I’m … Read more

I ate only meat for 21 days – Here’s 10 benefits I felt

Benefits of the carnivore diet

If you do a quick search online about the carnivore diet, you’ll find tons of reasons not to do it: “How are you going to get essential micronutrients only found in plants?” “What about fiber?  Don’t you need fiber for proper digestion.” “If everyone ate a carnivore diet, the enviornment would fall apart!” Note: In case … Read more